Our Story

The Vision

The Vision is for woman to embrace their real beauty at any stages of their life to create better world for themselves and the people around them. Our role is to provide safe and practical tools, products and services using our professional approach.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make AYUS the preferred brand for woman who want to take care of their body after life changing experiences. Women usually affected by hormonal changes, baby delivery and even lifestyles changing that cause changes of their physical. We aim to be there to comfort and care for them during the process of bring back their natural beauty.  Our team will provides the best quality products and services using our professional skills during the process of restoring their real beauty.

How We Started

The story began with Azaliha Abdullah after giving birth to her third children, the one and only daughter in 2010.
The body changes after the delivery of second baby make her really frustrated and sad.
Determined to get back the body shapes before baby, she tried harder to find products and ways to slim down.

Its not long before she found and started to wear full body shapewear after the confinement.
Excited with the success in getting back her original body shape make her started to share the body shapewear with others.
Actually that's the start of AYUS business and its grow since then.

Now, the business is registered under AYUS LINE SDN BHD and managed by her partner, Noor Dhiauddin Karim.
The office and showroom is located at A33, Tingkat Atas, Susuran Bandar Baru Mergong, Taman Bandar Baru Mergong, 05150 Alor Setar Kedah, Malaysia.

Since launched until now, the company have successfully marketed four models of shapewear.
The latest is KurV shapewear which use the functional fabrics from Italy with the Revolutional Slim Technology.
Not only experts in shapewear, since 2014 AYUS registered Bengkung Mama as registered trademark.
Bengkung Mama is the  2 in 1 binding  for mother in confinement which consists of waist wrap and hip belt.

This is the inspiration for Set Bersalin AYUS and Set Home Spa: Bertangas & Sauna to help modern mother recover during confinement period and after baby.
After giving birth, lots of women have difficulties to get their pre-pregnancy body shape because of the inner body system not well taken care off.
The journey to help mother restore their body beauty not ends there. AYUS believes that the beauty not only come form the outside, but also the health of inside of the women itself.

The founder's wishes also to help stay at home mother to generate their own incomes. AYUS have developed training modules and program for those interested to sell products online and even started mobile spa. Personal coaching and training available for those interested.

The Founder

Azaliha Abdullah is mother of five who graduated in Chemical Engineering from University Technology Petronas. She have worked as engineer, markerter and the last job was as Business Development Assistant Manager for logistics company.

She quited her job and moved to her husband hometown to take care of her family after her oldest son involved in car accidents in 2008. While staying at home, she started online business selling various products including ebooks, clothes, fabrics and silver jewelry. She founded AYUS after fall in love with shapewear which not only change her body but also change her life.

She believes in long life education and knowledges that gives values to her customers. She learned formal education thru courses and seminars includes

  • Certified in Hypnosis
  • Certified in Time Line Theraphy
  • Certified in Neuro Lingustics Programming
  • Professional Image Consultant